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Remnant Prophecy Presents:

Exploring End-Time Prophecy


The Prophetic Picture of End Time events, comes into focus as we see how former prophecies were fulfilled in History. By Always allowing the Bible to be its own interpreter, we avoid the confusion of popular ideas of future events. Although Bible Prophecies cannot fail, human error can occur in our understanding of prophetic events that have not yet occurred. This happened in the time of Jesus when the very people the prophecies of the Messiah had been given to, failed to study them correctly, mixed them with human concepts, and failed to recognize Him, rejected Him, and cruelly and shamefully crucified Him!

By exploring Present Truth Prophecy; we can find, not only the message for the final generation, but also the One Who can satisfy every longing of our heart; change our entire life focus; set us free from hereditary and cultivated chains of sin, anchor our feet on the Eternal Rock, and place a song of rejoicing on our lips to ring out someday as part of the choir of the Redeemed.

May you find 'Palmoni'*—the 'Wonderful Numberer'—because when we first met Him in His Prophetic Word, we fell at His feet, overwhelmed by the shear wonder of Him and nothing was ever the same again. (*Daniel 8:13 Hebrew)

Always pray and ask for God's blessing and the presence of the Holy Spirit to aid you as you study. Ask the Father in the name of Jesus that the promised Comforter, the sweet Teacher of Heaven, will be your precious Companion, then thrill as He displays before your wondering eyes the works of the One ‘Mighty to Save’, He Who trod the winepress alone—for you!

 1. Foundations and Pillars of Prophetic Study:

 2. The Unique Book:

 3. Importance of the Study of Prophecy

  The Seven Thunders:

 The 1843 Chart:

  The Mysterious 'Daily' in Daniel:

  Daniel 11:40-45:

  Trumpets - 3 Woes

  Abomination of Desolation

  The Seven 'Times':

 The Mysterious Sequence of Revelation 17:

  The Wise and the Wicked:

Please keep in mind, the items here are not shared for argument, but for encouragement and inspiration. We know that with prophecy that is yet future, we must not get too narrow in our views, but always look honestly at all the Bible and SOP evidence for yourself. It would be sad to miss out on this adventure, just because someone else tells you to reject it!

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