Advent History

Cleansing the Soul Temple

Character Issues in These Final Days

God has One Final piece of evidence to present that the world will not be able to gainsay or deny; the Image of Christ fully reflected in His people!

Spiritual thoughts and facts that affect our lives now and eternally.

The Fearful and the Unbelieving.pdf  Audio.mp3

Final Roundup and Two Schools.pdf  Audio.mp3

The Hiding Place.pdf   Audio.mp3

Thou Speakest Falsely of Him!

The Secret-of-the-Angels: Audio.mp3

The Remnant-Character-in-Communication.


 Narcissism: The Sinful Attitude that made an Angel into a Devil!   Audio.mp3 

Jezebel and Ahab. A Romance made in Hell! 

 1. By Every Word PDF  Audio MP3:

 2. Like unto a Leopard PDF Audio MP3:  

  3. The Highest Science PDF  Audio MP3: