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This is a very brief overview of the message of the entire Bible, where God is revealing to mankind the Only Way Out. It is not a lot of unrelated books, chapters and verses; it is not merely a bunch of stories to read; it is the Mystery of Godliness, and it exposes to our view the Mystery of Iniquity.

It makes sense out of an otherwise senseless world of confusion and sorrow. It lifts the veil on The Great Conflict Between The Creator and the forces of rebellion. It shows why we are here, what is the meaning of life, and gives hope to all who are willing to receive it from the hand of their Creator.


This is a series of Slide Presentations in PDF:
  1. Part 1: A Peak at God's Universe

  2. Part 2: A New World is Made

  3. Part 3: The Plan of Salvation

  4. Part 4: The First Baby

  5. Part 5: Results of Rebellion

  6. Part 6: Religion of Rebellion

  7. Part 7: Israel in Egypt

  8. Part 8: God's Special Covenant

  9. Part 9: The Ransom Paid

  10. Part 10: 1260 Years of Darkness

  11. Part 11: A Change of Heart

  12. Part 12: Wrath of the Lamb

  13. Part 13: A 1000 Years

  14. Part 14: The New Earth

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