King of the North

The Final Rise and Fall of the King of the North: by Jeff Pippenger

King of the North: by Louis Were

Truth concerning Mrs. E. G. White, Uriah Smith, and The King of The North: by Louis Were

Daniel 11:40-45

Time of the End: by Jeff Pippenger


Understanding the 144,000: by Temcat

SOP on the 144,000: by Ellen G. White

The 144,000 Sealed!: by Louis Were

Prophecy School Study Notes

2009 Prophecy Camp Meeting Course Syllabus

2008 Ozark Prophecy School Notes: by Jeff Pippenger

Rules of Prophetic Study

Rules of Prophetic Interpretation: by William Miller

Explanation of Biblical Symbols: by William Miller

Country Living

The Abomination of Desolation Then and Now: by Dave Westbrook

Country Living: by Ellen G. White

Out of the Cities!: by Dave Westbrook

The Study of Daniel and Revelation

Understanding Daniel & Revelation: by P G Temple

Daniel and the Revelation: by Uriah Smith

The Story of Daniel the Prophet: by Stephen Haskell

The Story of the Seer of Patmos: by Stephen Haskell

Rare Books

The Dismantling of Seventh-day Adventism: by H.H. Meyers

Facsimile Reproductions of The PRESENT TRUTH and The ADVENT REVIEW 1849 - 1850

Signs of the Times: by H L Hastings 1863

Righteousness by Faith

 Creation or Evolution, Which?: by A. T. Jones

The Victorious Life: by Ellen G. White

A Complete Study of the Ceremonial Law

The Cross and Its Shadow: by Stephen Haskell


Tithing, A Study of Tithing in the Church: by Ralph Larson

The Truth about Tithing - A Spirit of Prophecy Study: by Vance Ferrell

Other Items

The Latter Rain: What and When is it?: by Jeff Pippenger

Bible Versions Chart

Creeping Compromise: by Joe Crews

Proof that Probation Closes First for Adventism: by Roland Temple

The Study of Conspiracy Theories: by Roland Temple