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This site seeks to introduce the Marvelous Mountain of Prophetic truth for these last days. One could mine this treasure for eternity and never exhaust the supply of wonders, and yet most have no more understanding of these precious truths then if they had never been revealed!

We want to show you 'Palmoni'—the 'Wonderful Numberer'—because when we first met Him in His Word, we fell at His feet as overcome by the shear wonder of Him and nothing was ever the same again. (Daniel 8:13 Hebrew)

Our prayer is that the Holy Spirit will throw back the curtain that separates the earthly from the heavenly and you will glimpse the beauty of our Savior and dedicate your own life to Him!

Ask our heavenly Father in the name of Jesus that the promised Comforter, the sweet Teacher of Heaven, will be your precious Companion and thrill as He displays before your wondering eyes the works of the One ‘Mighty to Save’, He Who trod the winepress alone—for you! That we all might meet on the Sea of Glass soon is our prayer!

~~~When we look up at the sky and see violent weather approaching our thoughts race to making all secure and finding a place of shelter for ourselves and those we love. We drop everything else to seek this. In our world there are strange clouds covering the horizon and they are gathering fast; May we all seek and find our safety in the 'Secret Place of the Most High!'

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