Advent History

Sin and the Sanctuary:  

“Thy way, O God, is in the sanctuary: who is so great a God as our God?” Psalm 77:13

In the Great Controversy, in which we are all involved, the whole thing about the Seal and the Mark is about worship; Who and how will you worship. Will it be God and His Law, or self and man’s laws?

The Sanctuary Story

Behold the Lamb Part 1.pdf

Behold the Lamb Part 2.pdf

Behold the Lamb Part 3.pdf

Daily-Sanctuary Services.pdf

Feasts of the Sanctuary.pdf

Feasts of the Sanctuary 2.pdf

Feasts of the Sanctuary 3.pdf

The Scape-goat Story

The Removal-of-Sin1.pdf  /Removal1-s.mp3

The Removal-of-Sin2.pdf  /Removal2-s.mp3

Sin, Salvation, and the Sanctuary.

A Tree to be Desired.pdf / Audio.mp3

The Mystery of the Two Enmities.pdf  / Audio.mp3 

The Amazing Urim and Thummim:

Joshua-fought-the Battle.

Achan all Over!

The Latter Rain; what it is and what it does

The Alpha and Omega: True and Counterfeit

Thoughts on the 144,000

"A Great People and a Strong;" Joel's Two Armies.

Symbols of the 144000.pdf / Symbols-144000-s.mp3

In Depth Study on the 144,000

An Army Terrible With Banners by Duane Dewey: YouTube Link: