School of Prophecy TOC

Unsealing Prophetic Truth

As you explore Bible Prophecy; our prayer is that you will find, not only the facts of the message for this final generation, but also the One Who can satisfy every longing of the heart; change our entire life focus; set us free from hereditary and cultivated chains of sin, set our feet on the Eternal Rock, and place a song of rejoicing on our lips that by His grace will ring out someday as part of the choir of the Redeemed.


Module 20:  Exploring 'The Stone Cut Out':

 "And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever. Forasmuch as thou sawest that the stone was cut out of the mountain without hands, and that it brake in pieces the iron, the brass, the clay, the silver, and the gold; the great God hath made known to the king what shall come to pass hereafter: and the dream is certain, and the interpretation thereof sure." Daniel 2:44, 45.

Two very special series on God's Spiritual Temple!

Children of the Light Ministry Presents:

The Temple Cleansed

 Wesley Smith 2013

Printable Notes:Temple Cleansed.pdf








Children of the Light Ministry Presents:

The Glorious Temple

 Wesley Smith 2013

Printable Notes: Glorious-Temple-Handout.pdf

Glorious Temple Part 01.mp3

Glorious Temple Part 02.mp3

Glorious Temple Part 03.mp3

Glorious Temple Part 04.mp3

Glorious Temple Part 05.mp3

Glorious Temple Part 06.mp3

Glorious Temple Part 07.mp3

Glorious Temple Part 08.mp3

Glorious Temple Part 09.mp3

Glorious Temple Part 10.mp3

Glorious Temple Part 11.mp3

Glorious Temple Part 12.mp3

Glorious Temple Part 13.mp3

Glorious Temple Part 14.mp3

Glorious Temple Part 15.mp3