Remnant Prophecy:

Firm Foundation Advanced Training Seminar

Your Personal 'School of the Prophets' Self-Learning Treasury!

Orientation to Firm Foundations Seminar

INTRODUCTION: The Drama of The Ages!
Colorful Slideshows Fly you through the Entire Bible Story!

First Level: "Sure Word" Bible Basics


'My Bible School' Bible Basics 

Bible Studies that show what the Bible teaches on basic subjects. We are using the "Sure Word" series of Bible Studies for a guide and we also prove extra reading assignments to give you depth of understanding of each truth so you can live it and teach it. We also offer a second option with 'My Bible School'.

Second Level: Power of Prayer and Promises

Here's a set of the most powerful tools you will ever hear tell of! No one can really succeed in either the personal heavenly walk, truly understanding Bible Prophecy, or share with others without a deep, experiential understanding of the Science of Prayer. The mighty Powers of Heaven await our cooperation with Them and nothing lasting will occur in our lives or ministries without a personal connection with the Throne of Mercy.

"Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints;" Ephesians 6:18.

Third Level: Bible History Foundations

Here's where you can really build a solid foundation for the rest of your studies. It will take time for you to do this thoroughly. We recommend that you plan a regular time each day to do these studies where you will not be distracted or interrupted a lot. The slideshows and lecture will help you see the Bible in a new way.

This also outlines a personal reading journey through the Conflict of the Ages series. You will find that nothing broadens the understanding of the Bible and the Plan of Salvation like this does. if done with humble prayer for the real Author of them, Holy Spirit to teach you what He wants you to gain from these living words.

Fourth Level: Healing Ministry  

Special Health and Healing insight was provided by God to the Remnant Advent Movement, just as it was to Ancient Israel. What a privilege we have to be knowledgeable about this instruction, practice it in our own lives, as well as benefiting others from this insight. Here is the basic Primer; Ministry of Healing from the Testimony of Jesus to give you this wisdom.

Fifth Level: Understanding Daniel & Revelation

Off-site link to the complete book along with audio files and review Quizzes.

Sixth Level: Great Advent Movement History



Seventh Level: Advanced Bible Prophecy

A Golden Thread of Prophecy runs through the entire Bible leading down to our present day.