About Firm Foundation Seminar

This material is designed to equip Students of Bible Prophecy--Potential teachers and preachers of Present Truth--to be able to not only learn but to be ready to present and teach these things! If you are serious about learning--this resource will indeed prove a Treasury for You!

The material will require considerable commitment and dedication on your part and it is no exaggeration to say that a lot of the work must be done on your knees with earnest prayer to God in the name of Jesus for the presence and guidance of the Heavenly Teacher and the ability to receive and understand these messages of the outpouring of Early and Latter Rain.

Too often we neglect to lay a firm foundation in the sincere Milk of the Word as the student is eager to rush into the more advanced learning; but we urge you to spend the necessary time on the basics until you understand them deeply and they become part of your day to day experience.

This is your spiritual tool-kit, and needs to be a part of your own life and experience; so you could teach them to anyone at any time without further preparation. This first part of this Teacher Training is deeply personal! Remember your goal is not to please a human teacher and get a 'good grade', your goal is John 17:3: "And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent." 

If you have great knowledge of facts and 'theology' and yet you fail to have the Holy Spirit as your personal Teacher and Guide, you may seem to be very successful as a preacher, but sooner or later you will make shipwreck. You could even end up thinking you are serving God in the Light when you are actually serving Satan in the darkness.

To be a successful student and teacher of End Time Present Truth is not a human achievement! Unless you seek a living connection to the Heavenly Powers your efforts to truly understand these truths and reach others will fail of any lasting benefit to yourself or others.

Even if you are presenting to Adventist church members, do not assume that they know these basics well; there was a time when that would likely be true but no longer. These truths are foundations for a Bible Based Faith, and you can't build anything lasting without a good foundation! Remember also that any material you find here you are free to use in your own teaching and sharing!

A word to the Wise Virgins here: This material is to help guide you to your goal of being a workman that needs not be ashamed in the Lord's Vineyard; if you skip and cut corners and neglect to be diligent, you will fail of reaching your goal. No human may know it, but you will know in your heart whether or not you are studying to show yourself approved unto God, and God knows it also. To be throughly furnished unto all good works, you must take responsibility for your own learning!

It will take time for you to do this thoroughly. We recommend that you schedule a regular period each day to do these studies where you will not be distracted or interrupted a lot. Often early morning is good for many folk as there are less distractions and one's brain is rested.

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