Biblical History Foundations

Conflict of the Ages: Read and Listen

  1. Desire of Ages: Life of Christ: Read online with Audio
  2. Patriarchs and Prophets: Read online with Audio
  3. Prophets and Kings: EBook only.
  4. Acts of the Apostles: EBook only.
  5. Great Controversy: EBook only.

Always pray asking for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit before you read or listen. When you find anything you don't understand, pray for Him to explain it to you. He will do it in one way or another.
Proceed only as fast as you feel you have a clear picture of the material in each chapter. Ask yourself; "What is this chapter saying to me, and how does it apply to my life?"
Be of good courage; remember the Holy Spirit is your Guide, Teacher and best Friend! Ask the Father in the name of Jesus to send Him to you; He is a wonderful Companion!

Which Bible? Does it Matter?

"Which Bible?" Audio MP3: Information on Modern Bible Versions.

"Which Bible?" Slideshow: Zip file to download