Remnant Prophecy School of the Prophets:

Your Personal Self Learning Treasury!!


 Finding the Power!

"In the prayer of faith there is a divine science; it is a science that every one who would make his life-work a success must understand." Education, page 257.

The Science of Prayer is also woven in with Christ's Seven Laws of Communication. As you go through the Course material you will learn both. 

Are you looking for a genuine Breakthrough in your Personal Walk with Jesus?

Are Family problems and concerns dragging you down to discouragement?

Do you find yourself trying to pray and feeling that your prayers go no higher than the ceiling?

With Satan's Snares on every hand and the Crisis of the Ages right before us, if ever we need these heavenly tools and weapons it is now!

1: Power of Creative Prayer

2: The Science of Prayer: Its ABCs 

3: Youth Prays: God Answers