Advent History

Remnant Prophecy

 101: Foundations and Pillars

Here's where you can really build a solid foundation for the rest of your studies. This assignment will take time to do thoroughly, but you will enjoy it! Plan a regular time each day to read and study where you will not be distracted or interrupted a lot.

1: Drama of the Ages: Fly though History for a quick view of the Conflict of the Ages in PDF Slideshows. These slideshows will help you see the Bible in a whole new way!

2. "Conflict of the Ages" series EBooks. We suggest you read them in this order, however it is optional.

  1. Desire of Ages This is the life of Christ: Jesus said, "Learn of Me."
  2. Patriarchs and Prophets The origin of evil, and foundations of our faith.
  3. Great Controversy The story of the Christian Church, apostasy, reformation, and final conflict.
  4. Prophets and Kings From King Solomon to end of the Old Testament Era.
  5. Acts of the Apostles The amazing adventures of the Apostles as they carried the Gospel to the known world in one generation!

As you go through this series, you may wish to have a note book or set up a page on your computer and record for each chapter the points most meaningful to you. Ask yourself "What truth is in this chapter and how does it apply to my life?"

3. Basic Rules of Bible Understanding.

 We mostly use the time honored King James Authorized Bible; explore why: "Which Bible?" Audio MP3 sermon: Information on Modern Bible Versions.

"Which Bible?" PDF Slideshow: large Zip file to download:
It is helpful to go through the slides as you listen to the Audio.

"The King James & Modern Versions". Pdf-EBook

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